Places of interest

Castle of Chambord

If you think you have visited imposing castles before, pay attention: All previous experiences will be surpassed by the absolutely magnificent and impressive castle of Chambord. It is a hunting castle from the 16th century and it was built to enable immodest parties and festivities. The castle is in an enormous park with a 32km long wall all around it. You will, quite literally, need a full day to walk from one end of the estate to the other. The police practises horse riding on the lawn at the back of the castle. A magnificent spectacle.

Places of interest

In the Indre-et-Loire region you will find beautiful vineyards that extend to the city of Tours.

One of the most beautiful zoos in the world. Worth a two day visit!

If you want to see as many castles as you can in one day. Very nice for children.

A tour of the atelier and tasting cookies and pastry.

Castles/chateaux within 40km

The castle of the will-known comic book figure Tintin.

With 365 towers, 440 rooms and 282 chimneys in Renaissance style this is a beautiful fairy-tale castle with a very large forest and a park for walking and having a picnic.

A castle built over a stretch of water. It has beautiful gardens.

The castle towers high above the city and determines the appearance of the city

Also located in Cheverny. The smallest of the Loire Valley castles, but definitely worth a visit.

Les Hirondelles du Moulin | Rust, ruimte, natuur en vertoeven tussen de wijngaarden
Les Hirondelles du Moulin | Rust, ruimte, natuur en vertoeven tussen de wijngaarden


  • Blois, beautifully situated on the river Loire
  • Orléans, the medieval city of Jeanne d’Arc
  • Tours, medieval city on the banks of the Loire, with a beautiful cathedral, museums, pretty squares and beautiful gardens.  
  • Amboise, city on the Loire with a royal castle that towers high over the city. Next to it there is a museum and the final resting place of Leonardo Da Vinci.

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