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About us

During many of our travels over the last few years, we said: ‘Shall we start one here…?’

And now it happened, here in France. We fell in love with the Loire region and we have been the proud owners of Les hirondelles du moulin since April 2023.

Who are we?

We are Anja and Jeroen and we have been the proud owners of our very own bed & breakfast Les hirondelles du moulin since April 2023.

Jeroen started his career as location manager for a cleaning company. He then moved on to a franchise company supplying coffee and coffee machines to businesses and until recently he was the co-owner of a great wine shop in the city of Haarlem in the Netherlands

Anja worked at a number of companies as facility manager and switched to (primary) education some years ago. ‘I will use all my creativity and put my love for cooking into our French bed & breakfast’

Please join us at our table d’hotes (2024) and together we will enjoy the produce of our garden. We look forward to receiving you in our comfortable bed & breakfast.

Anja & Jeroen

Les Hirondelles du Moulin | Rust, ruimte, natuur en vertoeven tussen de wijngaarden

Verhalen van onze bezoekers

Name and history

Les hirondelles du moulin takes its name from the swallows (hirondelles) that return from Africa every year in early April. They nest in one of the old stables and the young birds that fly out get their flying lessons in the courtyard. In September the swallows gather in large groups to start their journey to Africa again. In the old days there was a mill on the hill among the vineyards, hence the second part of the name.

In the 17th century the first dwelling was built and the first vines were planted. The dovecote is the oldest surviving building and is still intact. In our backyard you will find the old village well still in authentic condition and well preserved. Up until 2014 the villagers had right of way because the well in our garden used to be the water supply for the entire village!

Since 2018 the old wine estate has been used as a flourishing bed & breakfast. From 2014 to 2018 the former Dutch owners worked hard to renovate the dilapidated estate step by step to what you see now. In the coming years we will continue this work.

Les Hirondelles du Moulin | Rust, ruimte, natuur en vertoeven tussen de wijngaarden
Les Hirondelles du Moulin | Rust, ruimte, natuur en vertoeven tussen de wijngaarden

Location and plans for the future


The village of Sassay is in the French department of Loir-et-Cher, in the Centre-Val de Loire region
On many village name plaques in France you will find drawings of flowers, indicating the floral nature of the village. On other name plaques you can see ‘stars’ indicating the quality of star gazing in that village. Sassay boasts 4 stars! Our stargazer telescope will get you a little closer to the beauty in that far far away sky!


Contres is a larger town at 2.5 km from our location. You will find a number of restaurants there together with shops and supermarkets. It is easy to reach by bicycle.

Future plans

First we intend to make a place for a small number of campervans and add extra rooms or build a small ‘gîte’. The wine barn is the perfect place for a party, a wedding or for a wine-tasting activity.
In addition we intend to offer you fine wines. Jeroen is a viticulturist and was a co-owner of a successful wine shop in the centre of the old Dutch city of Haarlem for some years, before he decided to move to France. Obviously he has taken this expertise with him to his new home in France.

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